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Life Talk!




There are two men. one makes you feel nervous everytime you talk with him sometimes you feel nervous(your heart beats violently) even hear of his voice .The other man who is very easy-going and make you feel very relaxed when chatting with him and you would like to talk with him everything.


which one would you like to make friends with? I need your idea.

04:07 AM Nov 10 2007 |

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ade zhang

ade zhang


of course1

i want to talk with follower

that give you a relaxed feeling

06:05 AM Nov 10 2007 |



Choose the one you like. Follow your heart.

It seems like the second one is better. But I think you prefer the first one even though he made you feel so nervous that your heart beat violently.

07:20 AM Nov 10 2007 |



Choose the second one.In my mind ,those who let you relaxed are understanding you more .

09:25 AM Nov 10 2007 |



If I

09:39 AM Nov 10 2007 |

dream girl


the second one is better.I think if you stay with the first one, you are too nervous to say a word,and then only to listen.as a result ,you will find that the man has a desire of control which is very terrible in later life.

To choose a person is to choose happiness rather than anxious

09:45 AM Nov 10 2007 |



If I can ,I would choose both of them .In my mind ,we should have  all kind friends

09:46 AM Nov 10 2007 |



thanks anyway in fact i just wanna make with them….average friends only

08:42 AM Nov 11 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


you should be very careful…some times ppl will make mistakes only by intuition. It will be very dangerous for ppl to jump out if their life. Maybe both of them are not real. Both of them are just frauds. Becareful my friend! Because from your description I can tell you don't know each of them well.

Am I right? I don't think they are your friends in real life~~Wink

03:21 PM Nov 11 2007 |