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Life Talk!

what do you have hear about Lithuania ?;D




Hi everybody .I’m intrigued to know what other people have hear about Lithuania Smile.

11:02 PM Nov 10 2007 |

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Hi Evelin.  

I am sorry to say I don't know much about Lithuania. Of course for many years, we just knew of them as part of the Soviet republics, but I am sure you can tell us more about your great country. 

11:38 PM Nov 10 2007 |




Yes I can tell , but what exactly you want know about my country?Smile

06:47 PM Nov 16 2007 |

Ŧңέ Ģâறє

Ŧңέ Ģâறє

United Arab Emirates

I don't know anything about this country Tongue out

06:55 PM Nov 16 2007 |


Trinidad and Tobago

Lithuania was a part of the USSR but before that was its own state. This is why they were able to become a state when the USSR was disbanded.

Because of the cold war, conditions in Lithuania were not good. So a lot of people tried to leave for "a better life" (in the west).

The only Lithuanians I ever met, I met in England and expats are never a good way to judge a people. But I would say they were friendly, hard working and determined. A little unsure of their heritage.  

Overall I would say I like Lithuanians. 

12:49 AM Nov 17 2007 |