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Life Talk!

mhm.. no no no!

italian cloud


Undecided  I am terrifly.. you speak very well English! I have to use dictionary for each word!

perhaps I am not up to you..

sorry for possible grammar mistakes..


Italian cloud Embarassed

07:03 PM May 26 2006 |

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italian cloud


I can't believe it! I anderstood  your message Attila! it was very complicated Tongue out(complicated as the song's title by Avril Lavigne..do you know?)      Smile

by Je..

04:03 PM May 30 2006 |




this song is very nice. do you think avril is addicted to drugs or alkohol?                        

And if you want to learn English you must read, hear, speak and think English as often you can…

Best Wishes, Mario

10:51 AM Jun 03 2006 |

italian cloud


Usually I am not interested in singers'gossip..I often don't know the singer..I am only interested at the song.. Some my friends think that every song by their favourite singer is good only the author is him or her.. but I'm not agree with them..I like a song indipendently of its author..Wink What is your favourite singer or better :what's your favourite song? Tongue out

06:05 PM Jun 04 2006 |