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Life Talk!

hi every body who like to learn english!

le mai

Viet Nam

 My name is Mai.

I like to learn english . And you? I think everybody come with this web is the same me, right or wrong? i want to receive feedbacks from all of friends.

and i also want to make friend through this forums.!Smile

08:24 AM Nov 13 2007 |

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Viet Nam

hi everybody, iwould like to talk with you and i want to have many friend. last but not least, i want to learn english , thanks

09:14 AM Nov 16 2007 |



Viet Nam

me too

09:19 AM Nov 16 2007 |

le mai

Viet Nam


nice to meet you

thanks for your reply to me.

i hope we will keep to contact to talk much each other.

see you soon



01:36 AM Nov 17 2007 |

le mai

Viet Nam


nice to meet you

i see you have a picture is nice. and could you let me know the method to have it ? because i like the picture but i don't know how method to do it!( the picture in left )

i'm waiting your reply!


01:43 AM Nov 17 2007 |



helo everyone,i`m a new member of ebaby,i`m so glad that i`ve found such a good free web to study english with so many kind people who like to learn english well!Smile

but i have to admit that my english is not very good, but very poorFrown.i realy hope i can learn english well, and make friends with foreigners,and communicate with them in fruent english.that would be very exciting!

i hope everyone here will help each other and make progresses together!Winkthank you!

03:01 AM Dec 02 2007 |

le mai

Viet Nam

nice to meet you!

i think you are chinese, right? i only guess that…

and me too, i like to speak english fluently, i hope we will meet and chat more than  each other…


see you 

01:39 AM Dec 03 2007 |


United States

hi mai yeah u are right. i hope this side will help to me to learn english.any way nice to meet u

08:37 AM Dec 03 2007 |