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Life Talk!

To find our soul mate....



Friends ,to find a soulmate we have realise our soul first…are we ready to experience it & take a risk…..?

02:07 AM Nov 18 2007 |

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I think it's difficult to find soul mate sometimes. If you have a few soul mate ,i suppose ,you are very lucky.

03:25 AM Nov 18 2007 |



Dear rochelle,It looks difficult but it is not,actually we don't just have understanding…our education is wrong it leads us to wrong  directions & we loose our original identity & make us cowards ,so called social & moral values make us hypocrite.we need just to recognise the whole game of exploitters & it is the nearest & easiest.

when you will come closer to yourself you will see not just the human but tree is also your soulmate,& then you will be at your home,calm ,celebrating,sharing & enjoying….you are welcome

04:09 AM Nov 18 2007 |



Maybe you're right. If everyone can think  as same as you ,there is no sorrow in life.

08:28 AM Nov 20 2007 |




we just do what the world taught us, and we forgot to think what we really. Before to find a soulmate ,maybe we should find ourselves first.

04:48 PM Nov 20 2007 |




   It is said that the one who wants to have an ideal relationship with someone should be ideal at first.

   We always wish a perfect match,pefect relationship but never make an effort for being better. 

06:51 PM Nov 20 2007 |



Finding my soulmate is difficult for me coz i don’t communicate with guys at all.The only stranger man that I talk to is my boss at work and he is 60 years old.So how can I FIND MY SOULMATE?

07:01 PM Nov 20 2007 |




Rechelle,this is the only reason that all of us are miserable here,but I feel that we can't change the world but certainly have the capacity to change ourself,so let's grow to that height so as to see the whole of us….I hope that , that will definietly create real bonds in the univese…

Lovely Eve ,I feel you are also perfectly right,actually thisis the real question,here everybody is really searching his soul mate hknowingly or unknowingly butwithout searching himself….it's just like like that we want to learn swimming without entring into water,most of just standing at the edge…but we have fears…It really requires a real thirst…it's not a difficult path but certainly difficult to choose this path….

Diomond your feelings are also perfecly well,actually all ofus feel that we have different souls..but when we really experience it we exprience the oneness of it…but it is difficult to beleive & it SHOULD NOT BE BELEIVED CAUSE BELIEFES BLIND US COMPLETELY,It should be experienced

& dear Samra Jorden,Ages don't matter…..when you will touch him he will become a youngman of of 60& this is the mirecle of it.

02:15 AM Nov 21 2007 |