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Life Talk!

how do youfeel



<!-==text==begin==-> What do you do when someone hurts your feelings ? cry,you act in anagrassive way or you don’t say anything


05:12 PM Apr 13 2001 |

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Fine ,very fine, the life is tough and wonderful it’s depend . A smile from une pretty girl and it’s the sun for the day
from Michel

02:59 PM Jun 30 2001 |

kika fly

kika fly



   indeed, when someone hurts my feelings, i teel him clearly he hurts my feeling  whatever who are ,and it is happen to me  recently that my boss hurts me so i express my true feeling,and at the end hi apologize to me.

 i don't know it is my comportment!!!!


04:13 PM Mar 08 2008 |



I tend to keep these things inside. I'm certainly not aggressive. 

Betrayals of trust are the most difficult to deal with, and typically, I find them very hard to forgive. 

12:55 PM Mar 09 2008 |