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Life Talk!

i love SpringFestival


United States

<!-==text==begin==-> Almost Spring Festival islast 8 days.We usually would visit
cousinsfamily to family .I think the kids would be thehappiest,
for they could receive the gift fromthe adult.


02:52 AM Apr 15 2001 |

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United States

<!-==text==begin==-> hi
i am very happy totalk with you. the
spring Festival take placein china.
It is the greatest festival in China.I always get fatter in
this days becausemother would buy many many candies for usto
eat.This is what i am afraid the best butall the stuff are
so resisted ,so let itbe…
And we have many ceremonies to celebratethe festival such as
setting the fireworks andfirecracker and we would decorate our
home withpeach ,orange trees,daffodils….
So i like toramble the flowers market with my dad and mom tochoose what flowers i like.
In addition ,inthe festival i like best is that i can wear my
new and pretty clothes ,new sock,new shoes…everything is new.
So it is a very veryhappy festival…...
Ok welcome to China! <!-==10087==319==end==->

09:29 AM Apr 17 2001 |





I have already heard of Springbreak. A few young men told me they would like to joy in these celebrations..

07:22 PM Feb 05 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

sounds cool :) .

07:55 PM Feb 05 2009 |