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how do you think the olympic game which will be hold in beijing in 2008?



i am very proud of that next year the olympiv game will be hold in beijing china``welcome to beijing! welcome to china!

05:26 AM Nov 23 2007 |

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above is the lucky animal of 2008 olympic games in beijing china, the blue one named beibei, it's fish baby,a kind of rare fish, Acipenser sinensis;the blank one named jingjing, it's a lovely panda baby,;the red one named huanhuan, it's fire baby, like the ethusism of chinese people; the yellow one named yingying, it's a Tibetan antelope baby; the green one is a swallow baby, in china, swallow is a symbal of that there's friends from  afar, like the friendly of chinese people.

Acipenser sinensis and tibetan anteope are endangerd animals, if we don't protect them now, maybe they will dissappear from the world, and our future generation only can see and know them in the museum``you can see them carefully, actually all of them are like babies, need the protection from us``the spirit of the olympic games in beijing 2008 is "green", i believe we can hold a green olympic seccessfully```

12:35 PM Nov 23 2007 |



i hope then i will be beijing```

hope i can get some vocation`

03:23 AM Nov 28 2007 |



Hi, Hanxue, nice to see you. I'm in Shenyang, one of the cities that Plimpic games will be held in. It's a big chance for China to let the world to know her, and also a big chance for the world to know China. The Chinese government is ready for it! The Chinese are ready for it! And the people all over the world are ready for it! Just wait and see, It's a world's grand ceremony!

04:38 AM Jan 04 2008 |



The olympic will grandly open this year ,we are partial of it ,we are happy because we want share this happy with others ,with you ,with him and with her ,with people all over the world .

tell me you are happy ,i will be happy too !

06:15 AM Jan 04 2008 |




hey,i'll bet you'll take all gold medals,my respect to ping pong

10:09 AM Jan 04 2008 |