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How to help a friend




My friend's father was sick,but he refused to take medicines,and his grandfather died when he had his 25-year-old birthday,he worked from 8:00am to 8:30pm without any rest,and don't want to eat when he came back every night.

 I met him last night,I was so sad to see him like that,I talked to him,but it seems he didn't want to talk with anybody about anything,what should I do ,I really want to help him,want to do something for him.

 everybody here can help me?

05:14 AM Nov 28 2007 |

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coolest ^_*

United Arab Emirates

yeah shodoww you are right I don't know much about your friend but I will tell you onething that may be will solve your problem

you said that your friend doesn't want to talk with you … why not send to him a letter told him that life is nice … and you have to spend it by doing a good things not seting alone and crying all the time and tell him your feeling toward him and you want to help him to be happy tell him also that you want to chare the problem with him Laughing

give him some advices and give him some gifts that may be will forget him his pain …

At last I hope you and your friend happy life Smile

11:28 AM Nov 28 2007 |




Thank you for your kind advices.he now does not only want to talk with me,he does not want to talk with anybody,he said he just wanted to be alone,he said that if he could stay alone,without anyone,friends or family,that would be nicer,he didn't tell me what was he worrying about,and what upseted to him,so I worried about him more.

 thank you for your help,I will try my best to help my friend.

12:29 AM Nov 29 2007 |




In fact,I have sent him a letter,but he didn't reply,maybe he is too busy to read my letter,maybe he didn't want to say anything,I don't know,

 Time is the best medicine,I hope that.

12:31 AM Nov 29 2007 |



North Korea

yes, it takes time to open heart to share with friends what is going on in his heart.

Be a accompanion of him in the name of friendship And let him know that your are always there waiting for the time of opening his heart. And pray for him.


01:02 AM Nov 29 2007 |