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Life Talk!

Have you ever think to have someone who can speak English fluently to be our girl/boyfriend so you can practice with her/him everyday



I did!! but it's very hard to find in my country,Thailand.

Almost of them are business man and they won't interest in women in the same office.

So how can I find one to practice??

09:09 AM Dec 03 2007 |

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Hello, i'm thirty-four, and i live in France, i wish prepare a job interview in English, but my oral English level is a little rusty.

It is a job in an international humanitarian association, and it's really essential for me to get it.

Although, if someone need to improve his or her english level, we could draft short communications and share our experiences..


09:57 AM Dec 03 2007 |




Hello Frenchman,

How are you.

 You are doing a wonderful job, joining Humanitarian Association and helping the society. I really appreciate it.

 I look forward to receive your one of the Drafts on Humanitarian Association itself. You may send it to : 

I am interested to know your views on that.

Take care,


10:02 AM Dec 03 2007 |




I thank you for your answer.

Let's me know what are the reason for wich, you wish discuss in English on this site …I'm a little curious, it's one of my weaknesses.

So, in my actual position, i work as accountant in an international compagny, which distribute water. At my leisures, i lead humanitarian projects in an association. I organized last year a charity Gala to get founds. there was a concert, other associations, and four hundred people came. We get something like one thousand euro. These founds were employed for our project in a malian school.

In may i took a  humanitarian project course, with many intervenants : Doctors from the mondial organisation for health , layers and so… And now, i'll really enjoy to work both with my accounting skills and my humanitarian experience.

That's why this job interview i'm preparing is so important for me.

So what are you doing in India. I had the idea that Indians are proud and doesn't really wish to be helped by humanitarian associations… Is it a wrong or right idea in your opinion ?





02:09 PM Dec 03 2007 |




As for me I had a boyfriend who speak English (he is from Sweden). We've parted only near a week ago. He has come to Ukraine to study in Medical University.
So, maybe you can find some foreign student in your country;)

03:26 PM Dec 03 2007 |




Nope,, i never think about it… it's not a requirement i need from my gf.. however, i have  a plan to practice it together..Wink

05:52 PM Dec 03 2007 |




hi my name is walid I am from Jordan and teach English in Saudi Arabia in a village ,and I have a problem in using English even I am a teacher of English but I donot speak it because pupils do not want to speak in English .I even illustrate and explain grammer ,vocabulary and many things in Arabic languaage.So I  am about to lose most of the things I studied

06:39 PM Dec 03 2007 |




my name is hossam .iam a student in faculity of industreal education and i hope to travel to canada . i need to make afrindship to improve my language

09:05 PM Dec 03 2007 |




Thanks for giving more information.

Right now I am in Tokyo. I came to Tokyo from India on October 1st 07.

As far as India and humanitarian projects are concerned, there are lot many Non Government Organisations, engaged  in protecting environment, natural resources and undertaking Humanitarian projects for AID affected people, down troden persons, handicapped citizens and various other projects. For natural resources and water there are many projects. i will tell you later.

thanks for contacting,

tkae care,



12:58 AM Dec 04 2007 |

Noble L

Noble L


Hi,I am Chinese boy,my English is very poor.Now I am study in a university.

I want to go traveling over the world.

01:11 AM Dec 04 2007 |



Hi Pink Marroonz,

 I believe and do agree with you. There should be someone who able to guide and teach us in many ways of life. That includes English as well. Since you have difficulity in finding one to practice and enhance your English medium, perhaps i could help you out in any way. I'm from Malaysia actually and it's not far from your place. What do you say? I actually want to work in Thailand but then the economy is really hitting down for unknown reasons.

02:24 AM Dec 04 2007 |