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Movie Madness!

I am Legend




Hi ma friends
i would like to discuss this movie with you…

did any one see that movie!!!

whatever.. i saw this movie and i think on my opinion it was good really good..
it 's included some tragedy sights like when the dog dead and when the actor " will smith" explode him self in the end of the movie … Ma God….

i hope from you give me any comments about this movie….

thanks for your time

07:32 PM Jan 15 2008 |

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Lover for Ever

Saudi Arabia

I believe that the first hour of the movie is so boring … I almost sleep when I was watching it…

For me, the story is great but the highest point in the movie takes a wrong time cos it was at the very end …

I like will smith's preformance… its so aweful to live alone in this planet for 3 hours how about 3 years… he was really a LEGEND ..

05:00 PM Feb 22 2008 |




Lately, there are some movies that the hero sacrificed himself. There weren't such movies so much by then. The hero always won. so The hollywood hero movie is changing little by little.  

12:43 PM Feb 26 2008 |




I'm legend is really good movie.

And I think Will Smith is a phenomenal actor. He is very talented guy. I watched few movies with him like: "Public Enemy", "Independence Day" or "The pursuit of happyness" and I think he is remarkable. He can play everything.

02:02 PM Apr 03 2008 |



"I'am legend" is good but it don't have the efect of taking u out of your seat but i liked will smith's job he is a fine actor

04:29 AM Apr 09 2008 |



may be aliitle terrified but i couldnt sllep the night i sawCool

01:57 PM Apr 09 2008 |




i really like this movie,actually i really dont like will smith but on this film his acting very good…..but ending for this movie i dont like huhu 

02:47 PM Apr 09 2008 |