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Movie Madness!

The pursuit of happyness.

zaw tun

zaw tun


Yesterday,I have watched the movie" The pursuit of happyness".this movie shows how life is hard and difficult.But the man who never surrender is conquer last.I think everybody ought to watch this movie.

02:48 PM Aug 03 2008 |

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I agree with you …. nice movie with a deeply thought …. life isn't so sweet as we think…

04:55 PM Aug 03 2008 |




I have watched it last year.

It's a thought provoking movie. 

05:28 PM Aug 03 2008 |



yea! Is a very great movie,and Will Smith is also a good actor,

03:49 AM Aug 04 2008 |



i love this movie vey much  and i have watched it twice

it's really encourage me to conquer the difficulties and persuit my own dream,will smith and his son are excellent actors~

07:45 AM Aug 04 2008 |


Russian Federation

I think that this film is one of the greatest that have ever been made! It is very optimistic inspite of all the difficulties, through which main charecters have to go. It shows us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel (no matter how dark and dirty it is), all you have to do is keep fighting for your dream!I suppose that the main idea of the film is cocealed within the phrase, which Will Smith tell his son at basketball court – DON'T LISTEN ANYBODY WHO SAIS YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING (soory, I'm not sure of the translation, 'cause I saw the film only in my native language). I wish everybody, who happened to live in the streets, was aware of this thing.

The pesuit of happiness is definately worth seeing.

07:08 PM Aug 11 2008 |



I think that movie is a sample of how to get our goals… everybody has in their life a goal and to get it people has to  make an especial efford…

09:38 PM Aug 11 2008 |



I can't describe the frame of mind when i saw this film,Will smith is absolutely a talent.The film tells ue that life is not perfect as it looks,there maybe a lot of difficulties waiting for us.But all this makes life more colorful.We should love life and insist the dream.

01:25 AM Aug 13 2008 |