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Movie Madness!

Which movie has the best "surprise ending"?

black magician


Hi Friends!I always like the movies that has surprise endings.For now ,I remember "The Prestige","Saw" and "Oldboy".I'll add as I remember the others.You can share your opinions about this subject with me..:))

07:14 AM Aug 22 2008 |

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In addition to "saw", this movie really gave me a shock in the endingSurprised

Dead Silence


You should see itSmile

07:57 AM Aug 22 2008 |




I think The Sixth Sense has a very surprise ending ~~

08:01 AM Aug 22 2008 |

black magician


YES,friends.The director of "Dead Silence"is "saw 1"s director(ı watched it).blueboylh When you say "The Sixth Sense",I remember "OTHERS".It was  also a good one..:)

08:21 AM Aug 22 2008 |



I think "The Others" had the most suprising end to me.

03:19 PM Aug 22 2008 |



Have you seen the korean horror movie "A tale of two sisters"?? It has a double twist ending. There´s a surprising ending (I won´t tell you) and you believe is the end of the movie, but there´s 25 minutes more before the second twist end!! Awesome!! I really love that besides to be an asiatic movie, all the history has an explanation!

High tension (the french movie "Haute tension") has a surprising ending too, you will be surprised to discover the real killer, hahaha!

And of course all the ending of the Saw movies, I never guess them!!!

Blackmagician: If you look the scene when the main character goes with a police officer to the theater in search of Billy (in Death Silence) you will see Billy the puppet of the Saw movies sit near of a box. Briefly appears some seconds. And the final of "Old boy" was to cruel for me.

05:28 PM Aug 22 2008 |

black magician


Yes ,I saw it 1 year ago.It was really dramatic.As far as ı remember,the first surprise was related with elder sister and the second twist was about the stepmother(ı can't remmember them exactly).I had a long discussion about its finale.Can you remind me the two twists?(5 days ago,I watched a Japan or Korean movie named "Reincarnation"Have you seen it?

06:55 PM Aug 22 2008 |



Yeah! The first twist is that one of the sisters is dead, and the second is that the alive sister has 2 personalities: her and the other that believes she´s her stepmother. That´s why at the beginning she´s in a psychiatric hospital. I like that the end of the movie in fact is the beginning of the history.

"Reincarnation" yes! It´s in a serie of movies called "Asian Xtreme" or something like that, that recopilates horror or gruesome asiatic movies like "Azumi", "Audition", "The grudge"(1 and 2),  "Ringu" (1, 2 and 0), "Old boy", "Ms. Vengance" and other more. I only have had the luck to rent some of them. And Reincarnation is one of them.

09:29 PM Aug 22 2008 |

black magician


oh yeah,now it's okay!Today here a new movie has come out:"Mirrors"Trailer is interesting.Kiefer Sutherland is acting.I think the director is the director of "haute tension".By the way,what is the plot of it and have you seen "Mirrors"?

09:37 PM Aug 22 2008 |



Is "Mirrors" released on Turkey?? In Mexico there´s no release date yet Cry. The director is Alexander Axá, the same of "High tension", "The hill have eyes" 1 (remake) and "P2". The plot centers in the character of Sutherland, who is employed as guard in a store that it used to be a psychiatric hospital but it was burned. There´s still a ghost (or ghosts I don´t know) that are hunting the people by their reflection in the mirror make them kill theirselfs. I only have read about it and I have seen the trailer. Of course I will go to the movies to see it.

11:11 PM Aug 22 2008 |

black magician


Yes,If I have a chance to see it;ı tell you if it worths to see.Yesterday,a frind of mine saw "Strangers"(Liv Tyler)."It was a real disappointment"he said.Have you seen "Awake(Hayden Christiensen,Jessica Alba".Altough it wasn't a horror,itwas so impressive.Like "Atale of Two Sisters",it had 2 twists(even 3).It was brilliant for giving good messages..

07:07 AM Aug 23 2008 |