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Movie Madness!

Harry Potter


United States

Anybody here has watched the new movie: Harry Potter.
My friends told me that it was fantastic. What do u think? is it worthy of watching?

05:54 AM Nov 22 2001 |

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Harry Potter is cool. I have written the first book. But I think the film is better.

But I'm not sure.


01:23 PM Mar 17 2007 |



what do you mean about written HP? maybe what do you think is you has read HP…sorry if i'm correct…

01:15 PM Mar 18 2007 |

Monique Fernandes


I love the Harry Potter movies and the books too. <3

Can't wait to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and read the last book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. :-)

10:18 PM Apr 06 2007 |



i like the movie very fantaisty.very good actors


04:46 PM Apr 07 2007 |

Dark Star

Dark Star


LOL ,bet champion07 meant that he/she had read it.Can't wait to read the last one!!!

08:22 PM Apr 08 2007 |

Ice Girl

Ice Girl



09:50 AM Apr 11 2007 |




I agree completely with you!!!! I love harry potter and when I see it, i feel like everything can happen!!!!!!!!it makes me forget about all the problems and the difficulties that I am experiencing!!!! it's amazing!!!!!!!!

04:21 PM Apr 12 2007 |




hi!!!I lover harry potter too!!!!!!it's amazing and, when I read it, i feel like everything can happen!!!the books, in addiction, are incredible and i'm looking forward to reading the seventh book!!!it must be fantastic!!! bie bie

04:26 PM Apr 12 2007 |




@monikiss88 : your post is double. :)

so…harry potter.
i can't wait to read the seventh book.
i cant't wait to see order of phoenix.

09:47 AM Apr 19 2007 |

Man Kit

Man Kit

Hong Kong

Nice to meet you, sallyzou. In fact, I am a <<Harry Potter>> addict. The serise of movies and books, even the video games both excited and happy me. I think it can make me imagine ,burst into the magic wrold and enjoy it. Of course, I consider that the people should not have any religious attitudes to scanning the <<Harry Potter>>, it's just a story, so just release and enjoy, i promise you will find the funny a lot. I recommend <<Harry Potter>> strongly. Um… my english is not very well, if you very wonder at my meaning, I beg your pardon. (Man Kit, Form Hong Kong China)

01:18 PM Apr 19 2007 |