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Movie Madness!

What is your favorite American TV series? let's talk about it..........

the closer

United States

Like lots of others, I have been watching quite a few American TV series such as Prison Break, Smallville(all seasons), Heroes, 24(2 seasons), Lost(first season)...
My favorite is Dexter. still desperately waiting for the next episode.
at meanwhile, I am going to start watching another one called One Tree Hill. I have read some reviews. This is a TV drama talks about basketball and love with pretty high rating. Hopefully, it is not a teen ONLY show because I am OLD
so, what is your favorite? Let’s seek it on


07:05 AM Nov 01 2008 |

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Besides Beverly Hills 90210, Friends and Roswell I loved Band of Brothers!

I'm quite a fan of movies about World War II and Band og Brothers was absolutely fantastic. It's tough but very realistic at the same time.

03:46 PM Nov 11 2008 |

Penny Loo

Penny Loo


Friends is my favorite.Though it was a long times ago,now I'm watching it also.classicalSmile

08:29 AM Nov 15 2008 |

lily huan

lily huan


ugly betty ,it makes me relaxed.

05:26 PM Nov 15 2008 |



My favorite serie is How I Met Your Mother, I also like Heroes, Fringe, Dexter …

06:28 PM Nov 15 2008 |




Friends, Gilmore Girls, Seventh heaven:)


05:04 PM Nov 16 2008 |




I like King Kong. I saw It today. I didn't know SUch a long story and strength content.

08:43 AM Nov 17 2008 |




My favourit serie is EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND,'cause the characters in it are all so FUNNY!!Especially Robert and Frank!But it's a pity,almost no one mentions it above:(

And now,I'm being watching GREY'S ANATOMY,having already finished the season 1 and 2.My favourit characters are Izzie and  Yang,'cause they are so real and full of glamor!

12:31 PM Nov 17 2008 |




my favorite its ''FrIeNdS'' excuse me its the BeSt ever ) i have seen it all and have to on DVDs ,its amazing series and my advice to u all to get it and c it with english translation each episode about 20mins ,so 20mins of hearing and reading and funy also ) and sure u can stop wherever u wana ,and can writen the words u dono on ur note and when in ur note 10words u dono stop the episode till u know the meaning of thos words on ur head well then u can continue the episode and so on with each episode..)  by the way dont hurry up )c u guys later have to go to slep now work after 3hrs and didnt slep yet ) sweet dream for me :P) 

02:16 AM Nov 19 2008 |



Russian Federation

Hello all of you!Wink
Fra, you aren't alone, I love Buffy too. I really fond of it, but unfortunatelly, I haven' seen it in English, only have it in Russian and now uploading it :-) 
Does anybody know about it?
It's unusual series, actually, it's not only about the vampire slayer, it's also the movie about people's relationships, especially between Buffy and her friends.
Besides there is some magic in it…
What is your favourite character? As for me, I specially love Willow and Tara, and, of course, Buffy and Spike, but Spike much more.
Besides some time before I watched Charmed and liked very much.

04:06 PM Nov 20 2008 |