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Movie Madness!

What is your favorite American TV series? let's talk about it..........

the closer

United States

Like lots of others, I have been watching quite a few American TV series such as Prison Break, Smallville(all seasons), Heroes, 24(2 seasons), Lost(first season)...
My favorite is Dexter. still desperately waiting for the next episode.
at meanwhile, I am going to start watching another one called One Tree Hill. I have read some reviews. This is a TV drama talks about basketball and love with pretty high rating. Hopefully, it is not a teen ONLY show because I am OLD
so, what is your favorite? Let’s seek it on


07:05 AM Nov 01 2008 |

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I like Heroes Seasons dvd box set and Gilmore Girls dvd box set

01:30 PM Jun 28 2011 |