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Movie Madness!

go for dream




In my opion,High school musical is an encouraged film.If we have dream,we should try our best to go for it and do not hesitate. Though we will face difficulties andwe do not give up,we will succeed.

10:39 AM Nov 20 2008 |

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zaw tun

zaw tun


You are right.I agree with you.I suggest you please watch "The pursuit of happyness".This movie shows you how life is hard and the man who never surrender is conquer his harsh life.At the start of the movie the man  have no place to live,nothing to eat but at last he became a millionaire.It's true event.Sometimes real life is more incredible than legend.

12:44 AM Nov 22 2008 |


United States

Yes,our purpose in life is to be happy – go for your dreams!! let nothing stop you :)

08:27 PM Nov 23 2008 |