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Movie Madness!

will smith or tom cruise is the best in action movies ?



Saudi Arabia

we all know  both famous actors will smith and the super star tom cruise they both have played action movies in the past and maybe we will see new action movies from them but the really question i wanna to ask you all about  that which one you prefer and give me one reason for that

let's start

i'll answer first

i prefer will smith beacuse he have very action face idioms and he have succeed with has last movies( im legend and hancock)

give me your opinions plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

09:39 PM Nov 23 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

thanks for the reply but let's wait until this question have it's own answers from the guys

im hugging in my opinion

09:57 PM Nov 23 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

I do like will smith more too coz he is funny …but The legend was so0o boring Frown....

12:36 AM Nov 24 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

thanks for your opinion and it's nice that you are agree with me Smile

two aganist one matrix 07 Cool

10:03 AM Nov 24 2008 |

1000 and 1 Nights


i have to say i can´t stand tom cruise!! Will smith  think is much better but honestly i think i am legend and hancock weren´t so good

07:19 PM Nov 26 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

thanks 1000 and 1 nights  for your comment

01:16 PM Nov 27 2008 |



both of them are good actors, but i do know why when looking one of smith's movies i feel living the experience with him like an element of the movie.

03:44 PM Nov 27 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

thanks kaptivate for your comment we all agree that will smith bether than tom except matrix 07  wooooooow Smile


thanks all

03:57 AM Nov 28 2008 |


United States

1. Cruise
2. Smith

better topping blockbusters

07:10 PM Nov 28 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

thanks  endurereality to juin as


06:57 AM Nov 30 2008 |



Tom Cruise acts like an homosexual, though he is a quite good actor. I personally prefere Will Smith but "I'm a legend" is completely awful. I love "Hancock", very original compared to all these 'superhero' movies in which it seems to be the same story.

05:06 PM Nov 30 2008 |