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Movie Madness!

Cape No 7



United States

I have recently watched this movie, Cape No 7.  And good lord, I never knew Taiwan firm maker is capable of making such a beautiful movie.  I digged around and found the English version of the movie trailer and it's MTV.  It's beautiful and if you haven't watch it, then you must watch it.  




04:00 AM Dec 16 2008 |

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The movie in Taiwan is a sell super good movie.The movie sell in the theater in 3-4 month.The first time in Taiwan. Two months ago, it Xiapian.

05:40 PM Dec 19 2008 |




WOW!!Cape No.7 is a popular movie in taiwan.I loved that movie.I saw that movie 7 times.Do you think I am crazy??The views in the movie are very beautiful.If u come to Taiwan you should go to ken ding.Ken ding is the place which is south of Taiwan.It also hot there.So, i think you can have good times after you see that.

10:20 AM Dec 20 2008 |