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Movie Madness!

twilight -is it that awesome??



Viet Nam

have u seen that film??just try and remark:) i havenot found out the great things ~~

03:16 PM Jan 17 2009 |

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No. It was a simple movie. Maybe the sequel will have better FX than "Twilight".

If I enjoyed the movie? Yes, I do.

Is it an awesome movie? No, it´s good, but fail in almost everything, but the charm of the lead couple and the soundtrack saves it.

06:00 AM Jan 18 2009 |



Viet Nam

yeah i dont think that movie is that awesome, but have to say thatthe actors did so well, hope to see NEW MOON, hope it will be great:D

have u seen the anime of TWILIGHT?

03:13 PM Jan 18 2009 |




yes! of course.. it's quite awesome, with good sound effect,,nice actress and actors actually..  yes i do hope the better from the new moon.

have u read th book?

10:52 AM Jan 19 2009 |




Oh! I have read the book! It's a romatic story.And i'm reading 'New Moon' now. Well…i haven't seen the movie yet.But my classmates said it's really good! And when it's over , she didn't want to go out of the movie theater! She likes Edward! He's handsome.Bella is beautiful,too!!!

02:03 PM Jan 26 2009 |