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Movie Madness!

Challenging The Da Vinci Code



Challenging The Da Vinci Code, what can you say about this intriguing movie?
/> Have you read the best selling book “The Da Vinci Code” written by Dan Brown? Or have you watched the movie with the same title which starred Tom Hanks? I did, out of curiosity. I must admit, the book and the movie presented information that almost tarnish my faith. This documentary entitled Challenging The Da Vinci code features bible scholars brought together to depend the very basis of Christian faith, the Bible. This documentary aims to answers the common questions of those who have seen and saw the book and movie, The Da Vinci code. Did Jesus really marry Mary Magdalene and had a child with her? Is Mary Magdalene the Holy Grail? Is Christian faith based on a holy lie? What is Priory of Scion and who are the members? Are they really protecting Jesus’ bloodline? The bible experts will answer these troubling questions and will react on Dan Brown’s work.

07:00 AM Apr 28 2007 |

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ı have watched ıt in the cinema and find ıt very interesting..ı has different topic but ı have read the book of dan brown before seen the film,ı think ıt is a bit different from the film.


08:12 PM May 19 2007 |



book was better than movie

09:27 AM May 20 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

i dont read and dont like reading and i was in the midle of the movie i started watching .. i have the cd but never watched it like the whole of it so maybe one day.

02:29 PM May 20 2007 |



I have read the book at school.But when I talk about the book publickly,some classmates always stare at me in strange eyes ,maybe they are Christion.I have given offense them carelessly.

07:03 AM Nov 03 2007 |




What an awful adaptaption of a book that keep the reader interest

10:53 PM Nov 05 2007 |