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Kim Raver Joins 'Grey's Anatomy' Cast -- What Does This Mean for the Show?


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With the death of George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) greeting ' Grey's Anatomy ' fans at the beginning of this season, Seattle Grace has experienced a void … or should we say vacancy? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kim Raver will be stepping into the job opening left by Knight's departure, starting with episode 9. And the plot thickens—Michael Ausiello reports that Raver will be playing a surgeon and possible new love interest for Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd).

What do you think? Is 'Grey's' hitting its stride again? Will Raver's addition make up for the absences of Pompeo and Heigl? Or is ' Grey's Anatomy ' a lost cause?

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06:41 AM Oct 09 2009 |

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United States

this is a great show …. love it  .. 



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 Las Vegas

02:16 AM Oct 10 2009 |



Well, even when the last season ratings were slower compared with the past seasons, I think "Grey´s…" has still enough material to survive more seasons, if Shonda Rimes has the same perfect group of writers. Those are the advantages to have a big number of main characters (Meredith, Christina, Alexs, Izzie).

I mean, George at the end of the last season was a shadow of what he was at the beginning. His death doesn´t affect a lot the plot of the history as it happens with the departures of Isaiah Washington and the actress portraying "Erica Han". At the end people will show us if "Grey´s…" is capable to stay or not on TV.

04:31 PM Oct 20 2009 |