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Movie Madness!

Matt Damon hams it up on Entourage


United States

Entourage is known for its celebrity cameos and over the years some have completely stolen the show – think James Woods, Bob Saget and Seth Green. But this week's season finale saw a rather flat performance from one of Hollywood's biggest stars right now.

Matt Damon is up there with the top names at the moment – the Bourne films and the Ocean's trilogy helped him cement his status as both a great ensemble player and a dependable leading man.

He's followed these movies up with a mixture of cameos and top-of-the-bill roles and will be hitting UK cinema screens soon in dark political comedy The Informant!

But his turn on Entourage was a tad over the top, playing up to the media caricature he has built up over the past year or so by appearing in spoof videos, lampooning the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman on popular American TV shows.

Entourage has helped some fading stars grab a bit of the limelight while offering the chance for big names (Snoop Dogg, Martin Scorsese, Zac Efron) to step down a level and poke fun at themselves or show how "normal they are.

But Damon's turn was just a bit too much – ranting and raving, bullying Vince and even breaking down in tears at the end. Sure, we all love to see screen icons playing the fool and sending themselves up, but Ari, Vince, Turtle and Drama (and Lloyd) are the stars of this show and let's keep it that way.

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06:16 AM Oct 12 2009 |