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Movie Madness!

Entourage:Who like Ari so much as me?


United States

He has so many advantage in Entourage Seasons, such as:
Humor:you want to know when Lloyd is coming back?...He won't. I killed him. I shot him and I buried him beneath my desk, anymore questions?...The new secretary feels frightened.
Quick-minded: He can find Terence's disadvantage and use it in the negotiation so quickly.
Strong capability: From a plain agent to a CEO of a broker company.
Single-minded: Never derailed after marriage.
Personal loyalty: Help Andrew to stage a comeback.

And so on. How can i don't lovw him?

Charmed Seasons 1-8 DVD
Entourage Seasons 1-4 DVD

06:47 AM Oct 17 2009 |

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he's really the shit ! i love him too , though some times he can be really rude and nasty to Loyd .

but he sure knows how to do his work . he beats the shit outa his competitors every time again

12:17 PM Oct 17 2009 |