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Movie Madness!





it was a excellent movie. the action and the drama, wow! it was very good….

10:15 AM Jul 04 2007 |

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valley 12


It makes a lot of pp recall their childhood. If you a fan of the cartoon ,don't miss it

11:45 AM Oct 06 2007 |

valley 12


It makes a lot of pp recall their childhood. If you a fan of the cartoon ,don't miss it

11:46 AM Oct 06 2007 |



I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots

We are here…

We are waiting…

lol :DDD

one of the best movies I've ever seen ;-)  

06:12 PM Jan 15 2008 |



hmm …. sorry AnnaMolly but I must disagree with you because :

1 the day after tomorrow isn't greater than transformers  

2 the face of Duhamel isn't cute

that movie was blockbuster you can't deny it and people like it … and yes you're right it is only computer graphics but every new film is based on the computer graphics …  


04:55 PM Jan 17 2008 |



hmm … first I want to say thank you for your forgiveness .. I really appraise it ;))) 

so you like only movies what can happen ? [I must say the armageddon was really great ;)]

ok so at first you don't know what can happen in the future. Maybe they are there in the universe they are livin' and we just don't know them … hmm It can be truth don't you think :P? 

 and what about blockbuster… it doesn't mean it has a lot of money to spend ( you know that movie wasn't so expensive cause michael bay scared that his movie will not as successful as people expect so it cost only $150million )

the word blockbuster means – "you have never seen something like this so you must see  it ;) " .... so blockbuster is almost every new film


 P.S so you expected this movie ? 

08:17 PM Jan 17 2008 |



of course I understood it ;))

about scientists you right we can't trust them cause they know nothing, they just want to look like they know something, they don't have an idea how many 'things' can be out…  and I believe that they are somewhere there (no I'm just kidding) ... and they weren't digital creatures … they were autobots ;)))) 

I must say I had been expected this movie too …. but I have another reason ( I loved the fairytale transporters … so just image how I expected this movie) and of course the song "what I've done" is cool too 

P.S: don't you know why is my text still crossed ?? sh*t I don't understand :((( 

09:46 PM Jan 17 2008 |




I don't think that any computer game can be cooler than film called transformers :)))

what did you expect from transformers ?  


10:03 PM Jan 17 2008 |



so where is the problem … this film has everything you say…action, blood, (oil) :)) , fights, sensation …... so what did you let down ?

answer on your question YES :DDD

and are you looking forward to Transformers 2  (in 2009) 

p.s I did nothing, I have no idea why is it like that, I will be thinking about it until I will know the reason ;-))   

10:42 PM Jan 17 2008 |



yes I am :DD it is the most expecting movie in the future (for me) ....

who knows who will write soundtrack (I hope limp bizkit will provide it )

re: p.s. I just write what I think ;-0

11:15 PM Jan 17 2008 |



I don't think too but who knows the future is full of surprises… :-)))  

08:14 AM Jan 18 2008 |