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Movie Madness!

That Harry Potter Bullshit



Enough of this harry potter crapola already. The author of these satanic books should be burned at the stake. The stories are crap. All stories based in the UK are crap. Wizards are stupid. All the movies were stupid.

07:58 AM Aug 10 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

hahahahahahahaha man you guys hate it as much as i do i watched the first one only and i didnt think it was that great like how ppl talk about it and ive been wanting to watch the rest of embut never did LOL

08:32 PM Aug 11 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

harry potter give to kids the joy of reading for his defence.

and i'm not agree with you mygreentree, have a look to AliG movie ;b 

10:04 AM Aug 13 2007 |




i love harry potter very much….

01:00 AM Jul 30 2008 |




Harry Potter's target is youth its mainly for kids and teenagers and its that splendour because many many kids read it and love it, they have dreams, want to be like characters in it, but whats most important they read, they start with easy HP and keep reading when it ends. I think thats very good because in this days reading real paper books starting to disappear. I know it from me ;p but otherwise i think u don't have to go to library for a paper book to pick up knowledge thanks to internet sources ;] 

10:19 PM Aug 12 2008 |



I´m not a fan of the Harry Potter saga. I only have seen 3 of them because of my friends, I don´t remember what of them, but I didn´t enjoy them. I think that the history of the movies maybe would be better if only it was shown in 2 or 3 movies, because I feel there´s a lot of events and things that only make long the history but if they were erased the history can follow to the end, the movies are full of scenes that doesn´t have sense to the main theme.

11:03 PM Aug 15 2008 |



Czech Republic

I do not like very much in that way…......

Harry Potter is absolutely lovable… :-D 

11:45 PM Aug 15 2008 |




hey are u guys really hate HP that much..???

HP is great for me..

try to read n imagine the story,,,

you'll like it


01:48 AM Aug 23 2008 |



I didn't like it either!

I think it's suitable for children and teenagers.



06:33 AM Aug 23 2008 |




Come on guy!!! Mygreentree I respect your opinion and i´m gonna tell you something…I have red all 7 Harry Potter´s Book and really they are fantastic and funny….Besides these books inspired to childrens to start a reading culture…so many boys ang girls have red many books and this is very important because they watch less TV and read more…..You used the word "satanic", in my opinion there are many satanic things on TV and even on Internet so relax….I´m sure that everybody would like have magic power, at least, I would like!!!!

02:22 PM Aug 23 2008 |




it is so good

10:08 AM Aug 25 2008 |