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Movie Madness!

The Lord of The Ring


United States

I have seen The Lord of The Ring and Harry Potter. But after I compare the two of them, I think I like The Lord of The Ring than Harry Potter,and I think The Lord of The Ring has more value to be save. Because I think The Lord of The Ring which has its magic and it encourage ones mind that “No matter how small of a man that can change the world” and “When everyone meets trouble who will think them ,but we can’t change our life ,we can do is how we use our limit time to solve the trouble” It is so encourage words that it always keep in my mind when I meet some trouble. All of above are just my personal opinion

12:55 PM Jun 11 2004 |

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winter flower


I can not aggree more.I like it very much.The music and their courage to conquer the difficult really got me .

05:49 AM Apr 05 2006 |



I watched this movie yesterday in my school,hoeever I did’nt finish it .I have heard about it from my classmate before .At the begainning I can’t understand it very well,because I found the relationship among them was complicated.I liked the sence was beautiful and is similar to the stytle of zhang yi mou

11:23 AM Apr 20 2006 |



I like this movie too. I have watched the whole of it. It took me 9 hours to finish it. I have a feeling that it took me to the magic world just like the computer game of Warcraft3.

05:24 AM May 24 2006 |




I don't like horror film very much. But I wanted knowing  the difference between The ring and Japanese Ring. So, I have seen 3 times.

08:23 AM Nov 17 2008 |