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Movie Madness!

do you like harry potter




Smilehi everybody.i am a chinese girl. i like harry potter very much .i like the books very much.and i like the films ,too.but i dkon't like the resout  of the this story,how do you think about it/

02:55 AM Aug 31 2007 |

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Viet Nam

Harry Porter is one of my favouritr book, and I really love it. I read it from the beginning to the end, but I'm really sorry that the book is good but the film is not as what i expected.

Voldemort is one that made me feel scared the best in the book, but in the film, there're no fears to me. It's not interesting.

And the last one is not really good, too.

01:38 PM May 09 2008 |




I like HarryPotter very much.  Laughing 


11:50 AM May 10 2008 |




I'm not a very huge fan of Harry Potter, but I like it very much. I've read all books and seen all movies about HP. I like 3th film(the Prisoner of Azkaban) and 5th one(the Order of the Phoenix). Imelda Staunton is very good as Ambrige. And my favourite actor Alan Rickman is starring there as Snape. He is genius!

Anyway, it was a good idea of J.K.Rowling to write such a story. All children and grown ups in the whole world like it. It's a great story.

02:31 PM May 10 2008 |



Well.~ I like HP very much,too! It is really funny and intersting book! And film is good!  I really expect harry potter6!

02:26 PM Jul 21 2008 |