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Movie Madness!

Prison Break



It is not a movie,but I am starting wantching it now.I hope I can improve my English when enjoying it.

Have you ever seen the TV,is it interesting as many people said?

09:01 AM Sep 19 2007 |

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Comfort Alli


Hi Josh,

i like you in prison break and your profile. its really great.

i really wish to meet you, would you by any means be coming on tour Lagos – Nigeria at any time?. Your English wasn't bad at all, i thinks its better than most

English men i have met, LOL.

Have a  great time and be looking up for more of your movies. Bye. 

01:20 PM Oct 10 2007 |



er,My husband likes very much.Many friend of his are all like. not including me.First I like watch,but I feel the speed is slow.so …

08:53 AM Oct 11 2007 |




I’ve just watched the 2nd season and the third season is on now!
My most impressive feature is T-bag!!He performanced fu*king well!!

09:26 AM Oct 11 2007 |




I love Prison Break so much. I watched first seasons from pirate DVD, you know, pirate DVD is normal thing in China, and I finished alll the episode of first seasons in 2 days, I just can not stop watching it untill I know the ending of the first season, and then I know I was in a big trap.

After that, I started to chase seasons 2 one by one thru internet.You know, lots Chinese PB fans whose english is fabulous, they have their channel to get the epsoide just be published in US HBO, do the translation instantly, and then they will upload to website with title chinese. That means, in China, we can watch the latest episode very quickly only few hours after US thru the internet.

And I am so happy the 3rd seasons launch recently.

11:07 AM Oct 11 2007 |




yes prison break is very good !!! i love the actors !!

01:21 PM Oct 11 2007 |



well… i haven't seen it.. however my friend have watched each part of this film… and he told his friends all situation… so… i confidently can say, that i've seen it! :)

05:29 PM Oct 12 2007 |




well, seems it's just famous in china


07:32 AM Oct 15 2007 |



very interesting ,well,i like it!

02:24 AM Oct 19 2007 |



where can i get film!

12:34 PM Oct 19 2007 |

so young

so young

Saudi Arabia

i don’t have the words that express my feeling while talking about PRISON BREAK the 1st +2nd seasons and now i`m watching the 3rd…
the only thing i can say I LOVE IT so `n so much..

02:01 AM Oct 26 2007 |