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Movie Madness!




if you have no idea on this movie pls. read first the books, in my opinion you must not to see this movie! why not because it s very controversial because your waste your money on this try the books first, and still my faith is very strong! I can't understand why Mary Magdalene become pregnant can you give your idea on this??? 

05:05 AM May 23 2006 |

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Smile olimpia  its your opinion,  i didn't something wrong of what ive said?  its my idea on that movie and you have your own idea's and belief right? take note no one to control your mind ….

03:11 AM Jun 09 2006 |




I read the book and I see that film. The meaning of this film are verry pleased to me. You know, I realy don’t care about exponded there facts are truthful or not, because nobody can’t nothing to prove or refute. If to look are deep, the idea of this film is which? I’m verry religioner human, but I always disliked that churches educate sense of quilt in us. For example inquisition, they hated the women, they always considered a woman the receptacle of sin.
And the idea of Den Braun simply justiies women, and if Maria Magdalena has a child is not a sin.

08:43 AM Jun 09 2006 |




i didn't see the movie yet but i just know that all tom hanks movies are so cool

04:49 PM Jun 17 2006 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I red The Davinci Code Book. In the beginig of 80's some British authors wrote two books from which author of Davinci Code stole idea of it. This books and movie offcourse are questioning the Christianity itself. I have no problem chating about it…  The book is nothig special almost stupid. It has action and thats ok. Those who like this kind of novels should read Umberto Eko's:" FUCO's Pedulum" (I am not sure if this is right translation, sorry). 

The theme of this forum should be decadence of western civilisation… or something like this… If one can accept this as true story than one can also accept gay people adopting children, etc. I cant accept that, but we can chat about it…


01:44 PM Jul 05 2006 |




i read the book and also ı saw the film.. I think the book is sucessful than the film..İf u dont read the book its hard the solve film's hints.. My suggest first you read then go :D

Take care aLL..

01:57 PM Jul 17 2006 |




Great movie site!


10:13 PM Jul 18 2006 |



Lets decide on one thing, whether to watch the movie or to read the book.  The movie is fictious and have no ground in the hearts of Christains.  Its failed to please the general public in India

05:07 PM Jul 19 2006 |



Russian Federation

I`had read thebook when I saw film. I wasn`t fascinated or surprised about it. I think iThe bible is only a legend like a legend about prorhet Mukhammed or Budda or like talmud. I think all of these have nothing or a little common with the faith because the faith is the belief in good at first. All legends talk about it, so its have more common than we think. I cant understand indignation of catholic clergymen about this movie because it don`t contend against the faith, only about legend

02:24 PM Jul 24 2006 |




to tell the truth,i don't think this movie is as good as i expected.the book is more successful than the movie.

08:23 AM Jul 27 2006 |


Viet Nam

I have not read the whole book. I also have not watched the film, but after reading all your opinions and some others' around me, I think this book somehow gives more hints for those who don't like Christanity to say. I'm a catholic and that's just a book and a film as entertainment. Christ's life belonged to the past, so nobody can say if it's true or not. For me, D VINCI CODE is just a film and my Creed is very strong to fight against those bad rumors.

03:56 AM Jul 28 2006 |