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Movie Madness!

what is your purpose that you watch movies



i ask from a movie that a worth.the worlds subject or oot of worlds subject.i mean are senses.movies of a realy cause are fascinating me.especially movie of wars, comminicate and relicions.i ask you that what is your excellent?tell me.my entire favorute movies are films of hooliwood.bruce wills, colin farrel, mr gibson are very goods.

12:56 PM Nov 21 2007 |

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I agree with you! I am a chinese girl!

01:27 PM Nov 21 2007 |




it depends on my mood, sometimes just to relax and forget about everything, movies also help to look at your life from different agle, and they give you the sence about different countries. But all the Hollywood movies are mostly for fun, i love european cinema, their movies make people think

05:18 PM Nov 23 2007 |





07:23 PM Nov 23 2007 |



Syrian Arab Republic

I watch films because I want to know how Americans and Europeans think and to see new ideas and because I like movies …..............

10:51 AM Nov 24 2007 |

prison break

Saudi Arabia

the main purpose of watching movies to enjoy .

and i try to improve my language via watching movies but they speak very Quick and i can understand them .


07:55 PM Nov 24 2007 |



Tongue outi will learn more from you all !

am i right?

11:25 PM Nov 24 2007 |


United States

I love to watch movies so that have to enjoy all the new creations of Hollywood. I always love to collect superb movies all  the time and they are good for me.

Top comedy movies

04:20 AM Apr 13 2012 |



United States

To me they are like novels except with the combined efforts of hundreds of talented people. It’s the combination of talents both in front and behind the camera as they all try to tell us the best story that they can that I find appealing. Good Subject!

But you can’t learn anything real about America or Americans from fictional movies. Even the ones that are about a true event are still hundreds of people telling a story. It’s a movie, not the news.

04:37 AM Apr 13 2012 |



It’s great watching movies for a lot of reasons… Normally, just to enjoy a kind of time and of course, it’s possible to learn a lot of things.

I like to watch in native language, just with subtitles because i can learn a little about their language. Is better too because we can heard the original sound of the movie



03:03 PM Jun 01 2012 |




I am watching movies to travel to more places. Is very interesting see more culture of diferent places and I yet not travel outside of my country. Is why I get bored in Mexico movies or also US because I feel I travel there already lots of times

07:31 PM Oct 01 2012 |