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Music Mix!

IS there any Sarah Corner 'sfans here ?


Viet Nam

Hi everybody . Iam Giang come from Vietnam .Iam Sarah Corner's fan . In my opion Sarah Corner is one of the best singer in the world .I love her songs espercially "From Sarah with love " , " Just one last dance " . "Living to love you "..... And  is there any Sarah Corner's fans here ? i hope we can talk about Sarah and her song .

12:05 PM Sep 22 2006 |

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I love her "living to love u"best.Coz her voice is really,um ,i mean really special.

Her songs are moving.I can't imagine a little girl having such a beautiful voice…Tongue out

02:05 AM Sep 23 2006 |


Viet Nam

hi franki and Jason .Thanks for your reply . I love Sarah Corner too .Sarah Corner not only beautiful but also sings very well . Her voice is very special , warm and sweet . At the first time i listened to her song " From Sarah with love " , i was attracted by her voice . The more her song i listen to , the more i love her . But beside some her song i know , i haven't updated any information about her up to now . Can you show me some news about Sarah Corner and her song ? Thanks for reading my post and i look forward your reply . Cool

09:35 AM Sep 23 2006 |




when i heard the song "just one last dance",i cant help loving her.that is the first song i heard that is sang by her.then ,i google her name and ,you know,just love her more.a lovely girl with such a voice.it's,it's just fantastic!

02:29 AM Sep 24 2006 |



me too sarah corner is my favorite her voice is the best i love : from sarah with love, just one last dance ,living to love u ….... when i heard this songs i fell so sad really she is fantastic


09:58 AM Sep 15 2007 |




Hi everyone,I just want say that I like her song with NeYo “Sexual Healing”. Did anybody hear it ? :)

11:50 AM Sep 20 2007 |