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Music Mix!




Russian Federation

Hey, musicians from all over the world, lets talk about us and `bout our Grate Love-Music!!! What instrument do U play or maybe you sing & write songs? U have your own band? Tell us about it! Possibly U want to create U`r band but people around you can`t understand & be with you, lets talk about our problem & lucky, and I hope all will be change to better!!! :-)
P.S. I play the guitar and then I write & sing songs! IMusic is a my life and I`ve been wanted to create an alter-band since my childhood very much!!!! And i have only one problem, i know nobody who want it as much as i want…

12:20 PM Mar 27 2008 |

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I play the guitar too

I love rock not punk only heavy.

I like the classic music its amazing.    At the practice you can understand the armonic circle more expontanius 

02:11 AM Mar 29 2008 |



I play the piano, drums and guitar…basically I'm a one-woman-band :D too bad i can't play at the same time, but i'm about to grow 4 more arms. And i do write music. They are crappy and probably nobody gets them except me.  But music is music. :D

02:48 PM Apr 15 2008 |