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Russian Federation

He had been living in this world but he dead, nobody know how exectly except courtney, i think… but we remember his songs, his words, him… and of course U know who i talk about. And if U want to say, if U want to talk, so just write here…
P.S.it`s better to burn out than to fade away…
don`t forget him, `cause he`ll always be with us, in our heart…(if U can understand me right)

05:01 PM Apr 26 2008 |

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Wild Wind


I like this band!Laughing

06:14 PM Apr 26 2008 |



We miss Kurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05:57 PM Jun 23 2008 |



Yeah, Nirvana rocks ! One of the best 90' band! In Utero is an awesome album !!

10:54 AM Jul 05 2008 |