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Music Mix!

DO you know BOA?



BoA marched American musical world MV and so on big urban electronic large screen foreign announce publicly marches US's South Korean singer BoA through New York and Los Angeles to attend the banquet which the local famous media company sponsored, contacted intimately with the Hollywood stars. is recent, BoA is invited as the celebrity to attend American E! The entertainment company sponsors Las Vegas banquet. This banquet is to celebrate E! An entertainment company person in charge's birthday, besides BoA, Hollywood's Han Yi actor Allan – -odd (sound), played the soap opera "Underworld gang Family" star outstanding rice – lynne – Xin Geleg et al. also attended the banquet. Specially, American renowned director Clinton – Sparks (sound) has presided over at this banquet, he also to participates in the personnel to introduce that BoA said: “this is marches US's Asian most outstanding singer.”Then broadcast BoA to march the US's first song "Eat You UP" adds to the fun for the banquet. American community news Vega news (the Vega news.com) reported this banquet grand occasion, and introduced BoA saying that was “South Korea's Brittey – Speers”, thus has aroused people's interest. other, the BoA7 date gathered in the US websites and so on friend in net MySpace to open the online official community most greatly, by with the world music bean or sweet potato starch noodles exchange communication. BoA the respective broker company SM entertainment and so on big city's large-scale electronic screen broadcasts unceasingly through the American New York and Los Angeles propagandizes BoA to march US's video recording and so on, is BoA moves toward the world to provide the support positively. in addition, BoA will participate on 23rd one after another in the American San Francisco and the Japanese Tokyo memorial hall hold “YouTube Live” the concert, offers the splendid performance to the world singer fan and promotes own new song.

02:39 AM Dec 06 2008 |

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she is my love

08:00 AM Dec 06 2008 |


United States

I like her music sometimes, but i'm not much a POP MUSIC person..

06:47 PM Dec 06 2008 |



WOW~ I like her very much

12:44 AM Dec 07 2008 |