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Music Mix!

the Black Eyed Peas



in 2003 the black eye bean bean chorus which made a debut from Los Angeles (Black Eyed Peas), was a depth is been happy the soul, jazz and the Latin rhythm with sang on the spot put a gram/hee hee troop which the spirit inspired, will.i.am, Fergie, apl.de.ap, the Taboo four members compose, distributed two in 1998 with 2000 to attain music successively to comment the special edition which website All Music the Guide four stars cheered "Behind The Front" and "Bridging The Gap", they surmounted the type music, and multi-dimensional picked Latin, India peaceful, the Asian nationality melody music global village creation manner to attain music person to affirm deeply,2 special editions "Bridging The Gap" attracted the refugee camp chorus (The Fugees) to create the commanding general to cherish the Kelifu gold (Wyclef Jean) to operate the rudder hand in hand with DJ Premiere manufactures big duty, Grammy prize best female singer new owner Meysey Ge Lei (Macy Gray), hee hee rolls De La Soul, Mos Def, Jurassic 5, France rhythm blue accent/Knight female orchestra Les Nubian also to lead a cheer, with Meysey Ge flower bud chorus " Request Line " climb talkative Shan Qubang second place. in the innovation black eye bean bean chorus, in 2003 the orchestra had revealed unceasingly works hard to devote oneself to "Elephunk To put a Gram Elephant" brand-new, the orchestra had the new friend – 'Fergie' Ferguson, Fergie is only originally pure sings the situation from Los Angeles's Stacy in the scene by the happy society member, actually because of everybody in the recording room produce by rubbing astonishing spark, then attains invites to add the nightfall eye bean bean chorus. This edits Commander will.i.am, in the rhythm arranges on the flowered completely ingenious conception, is likely invites super boy chorus solo flying giant star Garstin (Justin Timberlake) the friendship to offer the sound, appealed that the common people abandon the TOP 40 single tunes which the prejudice, the dissemination like showing loving care for really " Where Is The Love ", but also has zhan the dew quick to talk talkative step " Hands Up ", sounds of people musical instrument legend Louise Armstrong (Louis Armstrong) sings as if method song " Smells Like Funk ", but also has utilizes the scene musical instrument, the music sample, the drum and so on necessary structure, the brand-new rhythm changes installs the excellent work to include: Sells the ultra platinum with the special edition the cockroach father orchestra (Papa Roach) to cooperate " Anxiety ", (Alicia Keys) cooperates " Let's Get Retarded with Grammy prize five big prize person with newly acquired wealth Li West Asia Kyes ", takes a sample interest writings which Macdanna the (Madonna) signature work " Holiday " the reorganization becomes " Labor Day (It's A Holiday) “, as well as member apl.de.ap commemorates brothers' song which passed away in the Philippines " The apl Song ". The black eye bean bean chorus human spirit flees straight, super boy Garstin (Christina Aguilera) in 2003 summer toured the concert with Christine to invite the black eye bean bean to take the popular honored guest. may see, Black Eyed Peas pure sang by no means says the combination, they many kinds of music element fusion, created the unique hit-hop style, constituted the non-commercial character hee hee music mainstay.

You like them?

02:42 AM Dec 06 2008 |

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i love black eyed peas

10:23 PM Oct 25 2009 |



Hi!! i´m from in Argentinian, too! and the song of Black Eyes Peas is gr8!!

Do you like singer of Argentinian?which??

Answer! bye bye!!!

11:33 PM Oct 25 2009 |



yep there songs are pretty cool . 

03:36 AM Jun 16 2010 |





09:36 AM Oct 04 2010 |