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Music Mix!

What is the most popular and most known music in your country?



I have looked for best musics for all country without genres since i tried to expand my music experience.Can you tell me about your countries best music? This is a sharing portal.And than we must be share….My country is Turkey.I'm listening baris manco,the best musician, composer and lively person around the world(this is my thought).You can listen his musics with clicking this link:http://www.lastfm.com.tr/music/Barış+Manço

He dead.But he also live in our hearts.He is the best known person in turkey.You must be read his life story…

11:36 PM Feb 22 2009 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My favorite  singer is Dariush. he is not in Iran now but i love all his song.

I sure that he is the most popualr singer between all other iranian singers.


10:03 AM Feb 23 2009 |



thanx! Any others? Maybe this is not attractive issue.But i need to help for finding other countriest bests.Because i believe that if we talk about musics we can be friend very quiclkly. Thanx for replies.

02:01 PM Feb 23 2009 |




Ok. You want to listen another kind of music? download this and then you tell me what do you think so I can recomend you other different singers.

Soft: "Cómo saber" of A.5, "La frase tonta de la semana" of La Quinta Estación, "Amor de bueno" of Reyli, "Vuelvete la luna" of Shaila Durcal.

Tropical: "Arroyito" and "Enredame" of Fonseca.

'Softy' Mexican: "Arrancame", "Ayer te pedi" and "Loco por ti" of Victor garcía. "No llorare", "Bandido", "Loca", "Como duele" of Ana Barbara.

I like all of these songs very much. I hope you like them too.


02:06 AM Feb 24 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi freinds

in our country, Iran, people love traditional one and call it "Sonnaty"

these songs played with iranian musics instruments

the most famous singer in the branch of music in Iran is Mohammad Reza Shajarian


10:47 AM Feb 25 2009 |

little DNA

little DNA

Viet Nam

i recommend Ngọc Tân

he's not popular now but used to be very famous in Vietnam about 5 – 10 years ago and i still love his music

his best songs are Chiều trên bến cảng, Mưa chiều kỉ niệm, and so on

05:05 AM Mar 12 2009 |



Maybe not as popular as many years ago, but Ranchero is the music genre that identifies Mexico all over the world. Greater singers of this genre are: Vicente Fernández ("La ley del monte"), Alejandro Fernández ("Como quien pierde una estrella"), Pedro Fernández ("El aventurero"), Pepe Aguilar ("Por mujeres como tú"), Lucha Villa (now retired because of a bad surgery, "No discutamos"), Juan Gabriel ("Caray")and Rocío Durcal (she died years ago and was well known here as the most mexican spanish!!, one of her famous songs is "Amor eterno": Wonderful!!!!).

Usually this kind of music is about suffering for love or funny lyrics to make you dance, as the free song "El mariachi loco".


05:28 PM Mar 13 2009 |



Oh! I forgot to tell you that you need some shots of tequila to enjoy better this amazing mexican songs, hehehe!!


05:29 PM Mar 13 2009 |



Bellavi: Really?? How did you hear that song?? I love this song too, it made feel sad because of the lyrics but I like it!!

By the way, Alejandro Fernandez is Vicente Fernandez´ son. Vicente is an institution of this kind of music. Maybe it would be OK if you check his new single "Estos celos" ("Jealous"). It was a hit here last year!

06:41 PM Mar 13 2009 |



Bellavi: Oh! Now I realize why you asked me about the links on youtube in Joel´s topic of classic songs, hehehehe! I´ll try to post links when I add songs!!!

09:57 PM Mar 13 2009 |



there are many kinds of music in our country,and there are many famouse musics and musicians, it's very hard to tell which one is the most famouse,and different people have different idea.

01:27 PM Mar 14 2009 |