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The Guzheng Training



Zheng is one of the ancient plucked instruments which was formed and came down in Qin (Mostly in Shannxi and Gansu) and was prevailed in Sui Dynasty.  Zheng came down to nationwide as well as some other Asia countries according to historical changes.  Zheng came into being different styles and genres through long-term historical revolution, such as Henan Zheng、Shandong Zheng、Chaozhou Zheng and Kejia Zheng and the like.  Course Introduction: Design the appropriate curriculum and fingering exercises in accordance with the characteristics of students. Learning Guzheng is a good way to improve musicianship, cultivate artistic content, relieve stress and add living sentiment. Moreover, the learners can gain a deep understanding of classical Chinese culture and thought of ancient realm of the literati.  The Traditional Chinese Cultural Center is enrolling new student from all over the world. For more information or details on how to apply, please contact us at Our website: http://www.meilun88.com   

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