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Music Mix!

Progressive rock lovers ! Come out !




Hi ! Do you like Progressive rock or metal? whats your favorite progressive bands and genres ?

Rush,GENESIS (Before 1976), YES, Gentle Giant, King Crimson,Kansas, Uriah Heep, Dream Theater, Riverside, Opeth,Eloy,Enchant,Spock's Beard..

08:42 AM Jun 28 2009 |

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I like Dream Theater and Opeth too.

But my favorite band is  Muse.

are you a guitar player? 

11:29 AM Jun 29 2009 |




Yes, i play the guitar.

DT's ''Imagines and Words'' and Opeth's ''Morning Rise'' albums are my favorites.

Whats your favorite albums ?

01:42 PM Jun 29 2009 |



I play bass guitar.

DT's Scenes from a memory and Opeth's Damnation.

I really like the song from Damnation  "Hope Leaves" .

05:30 PM Jun 29 2009 |



I like King Krimson and especially Robert Fripp (all his projects). I heard some people think he is modern reborn J.S.Bach. In my opinion it's a good comparison. 

Some years ago I was on KK concert that took place in Moscow, it was realy dope I must say.

My husband plays bass guitar ).

I'm really interested in your favorites, guys. I'll try to find something I has not heard yet.     




09:48 PM Jul 01 2009 |



Hi! I like progressive rock music. I think progressive rock music is 70's music. After 75 progressive rock died and evaluate to hard rock and metal. Of course after 75 some groups occured like Dream Theather but 70's quality and ambians has not been reached. 

 in this way my favorite groups are;

Eloy, Ufo, Birth Control, Yes, Camel, Caravan, wishbone ash …........


02:32 PM Jul 15 2009 |