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Music Mix!

What is the black guy talking about?




Hi, there

I like the latest album by Nelly very much. However, I really don’t understand those lyrics. I bet most of them is slang by African Americans, huh? Can you give me on some websites spelling out what those guys are singing about?

Besides that, the track 8 is very intersting. And I do love the way the black customer talks. I can’t find the real content of the conversation on the Internet. Actually, there are some lines that I can’t understand. If possible, would you please give me a blow-by-blow account on what the black guy is saying.

Thanks so much.

By the way, I love music so much. Do you love Norah Jones? In the middle of the night, listening to her music and having a cup of coffee is a very relaxing thing to do. _

Have a nice day

Gary from Taiwan

03:40 AM Nov 14 2002 |

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09:34 AM Nov 15 2002 |




Dear Binculr~

Thanks a bunch. Finally I got the lyrics of Track 8 and got to understand what the black guy is talking about. Thank you. _ It’s so nice of you.

02:16 AM Nov 23 2002 |