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Music Mix!

Hear what YOU want and not what somebody says you should hear to be cool!




I think everyone should hear what he/she wants to hear. There are so many people thinking that there is only one good band but there are people who wants to hear rock and there are people who wants to hear pop or something different! So let them hear what they want to hear!

What do you think about this?

02:46 PM May 16 2007 |

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You are blamed by your friends,huh?Just go your way,be a man.

10:13 AM Jul 28 2007 |

Labyrinth Traveler


Freedom is there for us to respect,

but discussion or argument is needful too

For oneself , if knows why and how he like these kinds of music

that'll be ok  

07:46 AM Aug 15 2007 |