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Music Mix!

music it's life



Hello everybody just wanted to share the importance of the music, in a age of music whit bigger influetials like the century 20.

Thank’s for attencion !!

09:45 PM Sep 25 2012 |

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08:23 AM Sep 26 2012 |




Without music I can not live,music is my life.

12:41 PM Jan 19 2013 |




Yeaaah that’s right without muzic life would be a mistake 

04:51 PM Jan 20 2013 |



yea, hey, if you are an artist deep in your soul,and wanna do some creativ work i invite you to visit my profil, i have there proposition for you on my last blog entry :)

12:29 PM Mar 13 2013 |


United States

Hi Camiloo,

I love music. From the time I was a preschooler, I remember hearing my father improvise jazz on the piano, and my family listen to records. At that time I was also interested to learn piano, so my father provided me some good sheet music books which they had purchased from http://www.musicforte.com/#core it work quite well for me. I was brought up with the music of the 50’s, and as I grew up and took piano lessons, I became very fond of classical music.  I became very fond of classical music. Enter the Beatles in the early 60’s, and I was attracted to “pop” and “rock” music. As time went on, I grew to like almost every type of music, from opera to new age. Music did something for me. It helped me in every mood and lifted me up.

05:36 AM May 21 2013 |