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New Years News Questions


maria_bSuper Member!


"Over one million partygoers saw (1) _ the New Year in New York’s Times Square on Monday night and witnessed one of 2008’s very first (2) _ to conserve energy."

- What is "Partygoers"?

-What is the answers for this question? I think it's (b) for 1, and (a) for©...

1. (a) out  (b) in  (c) all  (d) down

2. (a) efforts  (b) effortless© effort (d) effortlessly

08:37 PM Jan 02 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi, Maria! You are right about the answers to the question. The sentence should read "Over 1 million partygoers saw out the New Year in New York's Times Square on Monday night and witnessed one of 2008's very first efforts to conserve energy."

The word "partygoers" means people at a party. It's a compound word made out of "party" and "goers," or people who go. 

Thanks for your question!

10:41 PM Jan 02 2009 |