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some time/sometime

np36Super Member!



    May I ask the difference between "some time" and "sometime" ? I think we have the word "someday". Do we have "some day"? Thank you very much.

     My second question is about "taciturn"? As a native speaker, what do you feel if I say "He is quite taciturn." in stead of "He is very quiet."

     Thank you very much.

11:38 PM Oct 24 2010 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! "Taciturn" is a great word, but it is definitely less common than "quiet." I think of a taciturn person as being reserved and quiet by nature. 

"Sometime" and "someday" both refer to a vague time or day in the future. For instance, "I hope to have a child someday." "Some time" and "some day" are more specific. For instance, "Can you find some time to study with me this week?"

Hope that helps!


06:15 PM Oct 25 2010 |

np36Super Member!


Thank you very much.


03:08 AM Oct 26 2010 |