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Some appropriate phrases

np36Super Member!



            HAPPY NEW YEAR. Wish you a very wonderful, prosperous, and healthy year of 2011.

           May I ask a few questions regarding the appropriate phrases?

           1. When we wear shoes, we have to  tie the shoelaces, when they are not tight or lose, what should we say? For example "Be careful, your shoe lace ….., tie it back or you may stumble

            2. Is this sentence correct? One of the buttons of my shirs has just falled off. (detach from the shirt)

            3. In athlete, what do we call when we press the timer as the runners start to run and press again to stop to see how much time each runner run?

            4. When a person was hit and pass out, how should we ask about his consciousness? Can we ask; how is his consciousness right now?

            Thank you very much.


04:33 AM Jan 05 2011 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Great questions!

1. You should say "Your shoelace is untied."

2. You should say, "One of the buttons from my shirt has just fallen off."

3. This is called "timing" a runner. For instance, "Jeff timed himself to see how quickly he could run a mile."

4. I would just say "Is he conscious right now?"

Amy Smile

10:41 PM Jan 06 2011 |