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Russian Federation

Hello, Amy. Could you answer these questions please.

1-Sometimes the pronoun “them” is replaced with the pronoun “those”. e.g.: “let me take those (about bags). Why is “those” used here and not “them”? What is the difference? Or “you need to study those” (about rules) – the same, why “those” and not “them”?

But sometimes “them” is used not “those”, e.g.: “keep on studying them (about rules), why “them” and not “those”.

What are the guidelines on where to use “them” and where to use “those”?

2-Sometimes the same things is observed with “these” & “those”, “this” and “that”. e.g.: “now notice those verbs with this sound”. why is “those” used instead of “these”?

What are the guidelines on using “these” & “those” when we talk about general ideas?

06:57 AM Aug 16 2012 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! Great questions.

1. “Those” tells us which objects are being referred to and is used to refer to objects that are at some distance from the speaker. Often the use of “those” in speech is accompanied by pointing or some other physical gesture toward the objects being discussed. In your examples, for instance, the speaker might be reaching for the bags while saying “Let me take those,” or pointing to the rules while saying “You need to study those.”

2. Again, there is a real or implied distance when using “those” rather than “these” to talk about general ideas. “These” would be used instead of “those” in your example if you were talking about specific verbs that were right in front of you.


04:24 PM Aug 16 2012 |



Russian Federation

Thanks a lot, Amy! Great answers!

01:15 AM Aug 18 2012 |