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One or a

ldarvenyashkiSuper Member!


Hi Amy,

sorry about the stupide question but I am still cofused when I have to use one or a. Could you give me an / one/ example, please!

And smth more: what is the difference between a lot of and a great many.



04:05 PM Jan 10 2013 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hello Lyubomir,

It’s not a stupid question! The easiest way to think about it is to think, literally, about counting, since “one” is a number. If you asked me to give you “one example,” that would mean, literally, one-no more, no less. If you asked for “an example,” technically you’re still only asking for one, but it would be okay for me to provide more than one, as well. “One” is much more precise.

“A lot of” and “a great many” have the same meaning. “A great many” is more formal and is less likely to be used in casual conversation, however.

Hope this helps!


03:18 PM Jan 11 2013 |

ldarvenyashkiSuper Member!


Thanks a lot Amy.

03:32 PM Jan 11 2013 |