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working with young children

Elizabeth Kooning


Can anyone recommend some fun games for teaching ESL to children aged 5-9 years old? Thanks!

06:32 AM Jul 27 2009 |

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it is not difficult!now  many libraries  sells such books about interesting games for children to learn english!for example ,bingo ,number game ,kocking drum and passing flowers.hiding and finding ,writing words on students'back with your hands and let students guess words ,and  sing  interesting songs .you can also search them  on net !

02:30 AM Aug 02 2009 |


United States

the key is to make the game fit the lesson content. I've done battleship on the board, write the next word in the passage game, taifeng game, passage bowling, pa shan (climb the mountain)game. sentence speed game. vowel police, banana banana, time bomb etc. but again it has to fit the content

01:21 AM Aug 03 2009 |




Hi every body ,

I need someone to help me to find list of instruction or rules that i should teach for kinder garten

for example "good morning, may i go to the bath room, sit down stand up like that"

for knowledge they are arabic kids and i want them to be able to connect with american or english people

please ,help me thank you

09:24 PM Aug 14 2009 |