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how do we make students love englısh?




can you share your ideas about making students (of ages 11,12,13) have pleasure while learning.

my studens generally say that"ıt s so difficult to learn a second language". especially because of their age, they cannot think abstractly wel, so they seem to have difficult times to get new words and structures of a new language. they generally start to face a new language at the age of 9 in public schools in Turkey, which is very late according to me. Anyway ı m waiting for your valuable ideas.

02:42 PM Sep 27 2009 |

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dear ferike and pjsenior,

ı applied the game about asjectives that describes people and ı saw students are greatly attend the class.

also, ı encourage them- even the laziest student- or ı coplement on anything about them - which makes them feel confident in and proud of themselves.

ı also let them aware that doing or attending is more important than doing it correct.  It makes them feel confident too.

these strategies really works. ı indeed know them but ı wasn't succesful in applying them. or ı was so busy in teaching grammer that ı would forget to make students have fun and ı would do these strategies rarely.

ı am looking forward to hear about any other nteresting ideas. 

thanks again.

see you.

09:58 AM Oct 02 2009 |




You're welcome. I'm glad you suceeded. Grammar is also important but less important than speaking.Just a little percent of teachers realize it. I'm glad you did ;) Want more games? I can tell you as we try them.

05:39 PM Oct 02 2009 |

zahraa flower


Thank you verey much miss dilemma for your advice.


06:13 PM Oct 02 2009 |


United States

I'm not sure if this would work, but since I just passed the 11-13 age range this might be of some help.  I always thought that my seventh grade teacher had interesting ways of teaching and I actually remembered it afterward.  He would assign large projects that would involve the creativity of students and active participation.  Group assignments generally work well as long as you have some way to make sure everyone does their share of work.  Perhaps you could assign a couple of words per group from the list of vocabulary you have and ask them to find a creative way to present it.  Give them a boundary but don't restrict them too much.  Humor is also a good way to let someone remember things.  Allusions (I never thought I would say this since I just had a literary terms test) also help, but you have to make sure everyone understands where the allusion is coming from.  Perhaps an allusion to a previous event in class.

11:05 PM Oct 02 2009 |




Humor is a good idea. I learnt a lot of French words humorously. When their pronunciation is similar to a word of yours, tell them and try to find out a funy similarity between them. Later you can do it only in English: be, bee, bin, been, bean, being; hiking shoes/boots or high-heeled shoes; both, boot, boat; tin, finn, thin, sin; polish, Polish, etc…These are things you can make fun of. If you tell them something like 'A thin Finn sinned that he opened a tin.' they will definitely remember (even when you don't want Laughing )

07:50 PM Oct 03 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi im bahar from iran my student said as urs

it realy hard for this age

but we must learn them how to find the best way to learn

we must guid them not force them to learn we must learn them how they can use it and why they have to learn it

they must learn how they can injoy it and how they can play with

as they learnt when were they child

with injoy and reppetition see u happy

06:56 PM Oct 04 2009 |







I'm still a student at high school and I think the reason why your students have such problems could be the native language, because some languages are nearer to english for example German and Dutch.

Additionally it's advantageous, because I can use memory hooks and some words are similar. I think Turkish or Arabic is not near to english, which also raises a problem.

I also have noticed that most friends in my school are either well in learning languages  or  in natural scientific fields, but no one is good in both at the same time…

I'm not adept like a teacher, but this is my point of view.  

09:33 PM Oct 11 2009 |

teguh imansyah


well with multiple intelligent perspective teaches has tobe creative must have various talented, i can give them by newspappers, teens magazines, movies, teaching by religious subjects, chat something they love, paintings, drama, music, songs, outdoor activities, writes novels….it happens that I have passion to those subjects so I just get along with sorts of things…well we can share some idea I would be more than happy to share. teguh from indonesia

07:29 PM Oct 30 2009 |

Search About Happy


will i don't know exactly, but I think if the student love his teacher he love the subject

and if the student feel  interesting for the subject they can anderstand the subject and the language.

I am in the college and to now I can't remember a lot of the word and i don't now how to solve the problem ,so if any one have Solution please tell me


08:14 PM Jan 07 2010 |