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English speaking tutor



United Arab Emirates

Hi every body..

actually i will gonna teach English speaking in next week

 that is not new for me to teach

but now i will dealing with University group student…


hope i get  from you more ideas about what is the good way to teach them,,

 see ya all around ^^

04:29 PM Sep 29 2009 |

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already seen mine xD

07:12 PM Sep 29 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

hehehheeh yah ferike i saw your’s
but for speaking i guess it is little bet different,,?
you think so..!
any way ,,thx for droping by ^^
see ya fine

09:22 AM Sep 30 2009 |




Ah, sorryxD That depends on what students they are? International, from a certain country or from your country? I think favored topics may vary. You can write me anywhere.


04:15 PM Sep 30 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

yah they are Arab from my country …

 so they English is not bad …but they want to improve it..

what shall i teach them…!! i still confusing  ><?

04:40 PM Sep 30 2009 |



excuse me,i would like to know how to dare to speak english,i am too timidity to speak out…....looking forward…....Laughing



02:48 AM Oct 01 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

Hi dear alice .. hope you are fine..

 you know i plan to post English speaking lessons in this website

actually will start in sunday.. if you are interesting to join my English class

so you are more than welcome ^^


see ya around..

05:16 AM Oct 01 2009 |




Eeerh, dunno. Don't you have something recent of great interest? We always have something people always talk about. Sometimes they are complaint, but sometimes they are good. It does not matter from your point of view. A festival, a celebration, a novelty, some bad public transportation system (like ours) with corrupt bosses (like ours) – everyone talks about that because we suffer from this every day. Probably politics – but that's not the best. Always turns into arguement. Well, the weather is a typical English topic (but I think you have a lot of sunshine at the moment;) (;English do not, I'm sure).Probably, I think you,Muslims, are very religious (aren't you), so maybe. There must be interesting things the average don't know.In Christianity there is a lot. Maybe English experiences, trips to England, Australia, New Zeland or to the US.Having taken a look at your profile: films, photography, speaking about photos.

 I don't know what you are interested in but I could talk about these topics.But that really does vary by nation. Hope these are the things you thought of,but I don't know about university. I'm not there, yet.


04:59 PM Oct 01 2009 |



Lao People's Democratic Republic

I recommend you to have a free conversation class once a week. You know, a class that gives a chance to your students to discuss on whatever they would like to. May be you can bring up a topic with a little bit of introduction and ask them what do they think about it. There are so many topics to talk about. There is only one problem. Of course in college, it has to be very academic, and you know, when things are academic, they are always boring. Therefore, creativity is the best answer for this situation. Anyway, that is all from me. I have never been a teacher before. However, do not foget to tell me how things turn out!

02:46 AM Oct 02 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

Ferike.. thanks a million about your supporting me , if you were in my University i will let them choosen you as a English Teacher there ^

iam sure you can do it..

 coz i really learn more and more about your amazing ideas..

thx alot..

 and now i will prepare for Tomorrow first class ^ it's sound like cool lol

iam so exciting for that..

wish me all the best..


Vls… thanks for u 2 for posting your awesome ideas…

you really give me a strong push for teaching my student..

see ya fine.


and waiting for my news about teaching tommorrow..


bye bye

03:26 PM Oct 03 2009 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

Reemy since you are from UAE, you may come and see me if you have free time..


I will teach you things that you need to know.. I have some Arabic friends who are teachers and they learn from me, too.. Best of luck!

07:16 PM Oct 03 2009 |